MMA referee appears to ignore fighter who taps out during fight (VIDEO)

Something pretty rare happened during an MMA fight at the TITAN FC 56 this past weekend in Florida, US.

The shocking scene took place during the featherweight bout between Landon Quinones and Calvin Glover, which Quinones won in the opening minute of the very first round. Jorge Alonso, who was referring to the clash, got the type of attention nobody wants.

Quinones managed to take down his adversary and then he mauled with some ground and pound, landing heavy punches to Glover’s body. The problem occurred when the ref failed to see that Glover was tapping out crazy under the barrage of hits. Alonso was standing at no more than the one meter from the action, but somehow we didn’t acknowledge Glover’s hand that was hitting the canvas.

Therefore, Quinones was obliged to continue with the punches until the man in black waved off the bout with a huge delay.

The commentators were all over Alonso and they had all the right to do so. Funny thing is, Alonso has been refereeing since 2003, according to

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