Murat Gassiev destroys Nuri Seferi in his heavyweight debut

Former unified cruiserweight champion Murat Gassiev started his heavyweight journey with a monster performance against Nuri Seferi.

The Russian KO’d his adversary in the very first round of their main event at WOW Arena in Sochi, Russia.

Albania’s Seferi was no match for Gassiev. The 43-year old Seferi came in as a late-late sub for his younger brother Sefer, and Kevin Johnson before that. On the other hand, he was stopped just once before (on a rib injury), despite battling some very hard-hitting standouts like Herbie Hide, Krzysztof Glowacki, Marko Huck and Firat Arslan.

Gassiev threw a left jab to the gloves of his adversary followed by a short left hook with a big right hand and that was all she wrote.

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