Neil Adams explains the impressive Sumi-gaeshi into koshi-guruma

Makhmadbek Makhmadbekov of Russia showed an interesting combination of Sumi-gaeshi into koshi-guruma at the Grand Slam in Baku.

The move was really impressive.

The IJF analysed the throw with the voice of judo Neil Adams:

“Combinations in Judo are so important. And that means hitting both techniques really really hard, you need to get a really good reaction from the first one leading into the second one. And, well, Makhmadbekov of Russia did an amazing one on Heydarov of Azerbaijan in the -73kg category, and we’ve never seen it before”, states Adams.

“This is what he did. So both fighters were holding, unusually, underneath the armpits here, round the neck. And they both had the same grip. Sumi-gaeshi into koshi-guruma, unusual i’d never seen it before.”

“So what happened was, because of this grip, this arm was free, so when he came in for the sumigaeshi here, this arm went down and it pulls him up into this position here. He does the Koshi-guruma, but then to add to it he goes down to the knee here, and he keeps it under control all the way through. It was an amazing combination, and it ended in Ippon.”

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