Nevada suspends boxing and MMA events until March 25

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has decided to put a hold on all combat sports events until March 25, voting on the idea on Saturday, with executive director Bob Bennett telling ESPN that he will “continue to collect information and speak with various medical experts and be prepared to provide the information to the chairman and commissioners” on that date.

In other words, this may not be the end of things in Nevada. They’ll reassess the situation at that point.

This has a bigger impact on UFC in particular than it does boxing, at least for now. UFC had on Thursday decided to put their Mar. 28 and Apr. 11 events at their company headquarters in Las Vegas, but that Mar. 28 card is cutting it really close in terms of flying people in, getting everything set up, etc. It’s a tough call logistically. The company is also dealing with having to move its Mar. 21 card from London, so there’s a lot on their plate at the moment.

As for boxing, the biggest event coming soon in Nevada is a Mar. 28 Showtime card headlined by Luis Nery, who is set to face Aaron Alameda. That Premier Boxing Champions event could be pushed back, but it’s also possible they just wait this out and hope things work out for the best, and they can maybe run the event as planned, or at least behind closed doors.

As far as notable events in Nevada currently on the schedule otherwise, you’re looking ahead to Apr. 25, when Top Rank have the Inoue-Casimero ESPN card, which they’ve already started trying to figure out how to work around, including the idea of possibly holding the event in a TV studio. And then there’s Canelo Alvarez’ planned May 2 return, which as noted Friday is currently in a state of limbo. Both events are to be held in Las Vegas.


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