New dates for sambo online trainings!

In January, the International SAMBO Federation (FIAS) in collaboration with ComplexCore prepared unique online educational training session which was attended by more than 250 SAMBO coaches and athletes around the world. Due to the success of the first session, FIAS decided to enlarge our collaboration and prepared more specific 3 hours long online training tips with practical exercise in three language modifications.

Anybody interested to learn how to prevent injuries but also to improve the performance in SAMBO may join the webinar by registering on following link:

Click here for English/Russian webinar held on 27th of April 2021 from 9 AM (+2GTM)

Click here for English/French webinar held on 27th of April 2021 from 2 PM (+2GTM)

Click here for Spanish/English webinar held on 30st of April 2021 from 5 PM (+2GTM)

ComplexCore combines the fields of sports medicine, sports science, physiotherapy and training with more than 15 years of experience in high performance sports in various disciplines such as Football, Formula 1, Judo, Athletics, Gymnastics, Sailing and many others. They are working directly with the athletes of diverse level, needs, age groups and goals. FIAS sees this collaboration as opportunity for all its members to enhance their knowledge and prepare safe environment on field of play by reduce risks of athlete injury.


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