Nicole Castro: I am a very patriotic girl

Nicole Castro became one of the youngest participants of the Pan American SAMBO Championships in Colombia.

Despite the fact that she is still a junior, the Costa Rica national managed to win 3 gold medals: in SAMBO, Beach SAMBO and Beach SAMBO in the team tournament. Here is what the bright talent said for “”.

– Nicole, is it difficult to train in a pandemic?

– As soon as the pandemic began, it was very difficult, because all the gyms were closed, it was impossible to train. Over time, training conditions began to improve. Speaking specifically about the Pan American Championships, I started preparing for it two months before the start. My training took place three times a day.

– Do you have any idols in SAMBO?

– I am a very patriotic girl. For me, the main role model is my elder friend from the Costa Rican national team, Reina Cordoba. She really inspires me with her results and her confidence on the mat.


– Next year the Pan American Championships will be held in Costa Rica. Is this a plus or a minus for you?

– On the one hand, it should be easier at home. But I will have to prepare and train much more seriously, because it is a great responsibility to perform at home, in my home country.

– Have you ever used SAMBO techniques in everyday life?

– Not a single person from those people who know me personally has ever had the idea to fight me. Therefore, I did not use SAMBO techniques in everyday life.

– What do you do besides sports?

– I study and work. My family owns a supermarket, so I help there. And also now I am purposefully studying proper nutrition and in the future I want to specialize in sports nutrition.

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