Nikolay Yorgov after SENSHI 5: My fights are always attractive (VIDEO)

Bulgaria’s Nikolay Yorgov participated in a dramatic four-rounds battle at SENSHI 5 last week in Varna. His adversary from Iran – Majid Beigi, had to battle it out through an additional 4th round in which the Bulgarian karateka prevailed.

Yorgov is still undefeated at the SENSHI fight nights, holding the record for most fights under the organizations’ banner.

Here’s what the Bulgarian had to say following his last bout:

“It wasn’t an easy fight, but as usual, my bouts are the most attractive”, Yorgov said when he was asked why he wasn’t so dominant in the first three rounds as he was in the final one.

“But I made it hard for myself. It’s always a roller coaster when I fight. I remember when I defeat the Brazilian Zinhani – he broke my nose at SENSHI Cup. There’s always something…

“I’m a warrior and I believe my will to win is the one thing that helps me the most every time I’m in danger. Beigi was a tall guy and his front foot caused a lot of problems for me. I was standing on the outside because he’s way taller than me and I had to keep a distance”, Yorgov complimented his opponent.

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