Nunes declares herself “The best all time in general”

Amanda Nunes shows no lack of self-confidence before her UFC 239 fight with Holly Holm naming herself the best fighter in history.

“The Lioness” will be in the octagon this Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada for the bantamweight title as a part of the show that will see light heavyweight champion Jon Jones try to defend his title against the contender Thiago Santos.

“I’m going to be honest with you, I am the best MMA fighter of all time in general (male or female). I’m going to keep on defending the featherweight title. I’m going to keep on making history. All the things I went through, my losses, those really helped me. I’ve been through moments where I thought ‘I’m going to step in there and I’m going to crush her, you have no idea.’ Not today. I respect my opponents, I learned that from life. I used to think I would step in there, throw one punch and the other girl would go down and not get up again. Everytime I thought that, I lost. Fighting taught me, I learned from life. It’s a school, I’m still learning,” Nunes said.

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