Official stats for Spence – Porter

IBF and WBC welterweight world champion Errol Spence Jr. (26-0) had to work hard in order to defeat Shawn Porter (30-3-1) this past weekend.

Image: БТА

“The Truth” won via SD after full 12 rounds, but the Porter clash wasn’t a walk in the park for the unified champion and we can say it loud that “Showtime” was by far the best opponent Errol Spence has had so far.

Just like for any other big fight in the USA, “CompuBox” kept an eye on the fight and produced the final stats in the punches numbers for the 12 rounds. There is no surprise in the fact that the 29-year-old Errol Spence outpunched his adversary in total punches, jabs landed and power punches.


The most shocking statistic is by far the one that shows Spence couldn’t land a single jab in the first two rounds of the fight in Las Vegas. The most decisive round was without a doubt the 11th when the champ scored a knockdown and outpunched Porter in every single category.

Image: БТА

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