Old School Heavyweight Kyokushin Clash (VIDEO)

A new century has arrived in karate history! Miracle! Kyokushin Kaikan, World Oyama Karate and Seidojuku collide on the stage of Shin Karate!
Kenshin Festival (10th All-Japan New Karatedo Championship) It is a festival that tells the new century of karate history. Shin Karate All Japan Tournament. This tournament, which celebrated its tenth aniiversary on May 5, 1999, is the event to determine the strongest gloves organized by the Glove Karate Male and the New Karatedo Federation. At the memorable 10th tournament, full contact karate males such as World Oyama Karate, Seidojuku, and Kyokushin Kaikan gather!

Nicholas Petas (Kokushin Kaikan) and Jason Willie (World Oyama Karate) participated in the heavyweight class.
Kyokushin soul explodes on the stage of new karate.
Mr. Yasuhiko Oyama, the chief teacher of Oyama World Karate, Mr. Tadashi Nakamura, Chairman of Seido Juku, and Mr. Akiyoshi Matsui from Kyokushin Kaikan were present.

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