Olympic judo medalist banned from sport

2008 Olympic judo Korean silver medalist Wang Ki-Chun has been banned for life from the sport of judo over sexual assault allegations in his country.

The Korea Judo Association (KJA) reached the decision unanimously following its disciplinary committee meeting on Tuesday.

The Korean superstar captured silver at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in the -73 kg category and that elevated his status to a superstar in his home country.

Wang was arrested earlier this month on charges of sexually assaulting a minor. The KJA said, while Wang’s allegations haven’t been confirmed, the 31-year-old is found to have engaged in inappropriate relations with a minor and greatly damaged the integrity and social standing of judo.

The judoka himself submitted a letter to the committee in appeal, but the KJA didn’t disclose the exact content of his letter.

Source: www.judoinside.com

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