Open SAMBO Cup of the Dominican Republic was held in Santo Domingo

Athletes from 6 countries took part in the Quisqueya Internacional Open SAMBO Cup of the Dominican Republic, which took place on May 14 in Santo Domingo. Competitions were held among men and women in both Sports and Combat SAMBO.

“Dominican SAMBO writes a new chapter in the history of its development with golden ink thanks to the successful holding of such a large-scale tournament. More than 100 sambists from six countries competed for the awards of the tournament, demonstrating their skills and will to win. And the Dominican SAMBO Federation has once again shown its ability to organize international competitions at a high level,” said Eliseo Romero, President of the National Sambo Federation.

Sambists from Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, Haiti, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic took part in the Open Cup. On the eve of the start of the competition, on May 13, a master class was organized for the participants of the tournament, dedicated to the latest changes in the SAMBO rules.

And from the early morning of May 14, rivals from different countries met on SAMBO mats in the Fencing Pavilion of the Olympic Center to compete for the right to be called the strongest. The fights were watched not only by spectators in the hall, but also by fans around the world thanks to the online broadcast of the tournament.

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