Oscar Valdez vacates WBO title

Oscar Valdez decides to vacate his WBO featherweight title rather than defend it against mandatory Shakur Stevenson.

The fact that Valdez vacated his WBO 126 pound title on Friday with a purse bid scheduled for the Stevenson fight, it’s too hard for fans to ignore the possibility that Oscar didn’t want the fight.

Valdez (26-0, 20 KOs) will now move up to 130, and fight for the world titles in that weight class.

“It’s time. I’ve always wanted to become a multi-division champion. I think I would feel more comfortable at [super featherweight],” said Valdez to ESPN.com. “126 pounds is getting harder to make after seven years as a featherweight so I think moving to 130 pounds would make more sense. Most of the fighters I admire have won several titles and I want that too.”

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