Over 160 fighters had the privilege to train with Shihan Yamaki

More than 160 fighters were involved in Shihan Yamaki’s trainings, at the KWU International Kumite Instructor Seminar.

One of the biggest names in karate kyokushin – Shihan Kenji Yamaki (8 dan), was in Varna, Bulgaria, for a three-day sessions. He is world champion and champion of Japan in Kyokushin, and endured the 100-man kumite.

Sensei Zahari Damyanov (4 dan), who is absolute world champion, four-time european kyokushin champion and Bulgaria’s national kyokushin team head coach, helped him with the training. Damyanov even celebrated his birthday in the hall.

Both men, absolute champions, gathered huge interest with the seminar. The organisation of the helpful event was perfect, take a look at short video clip of sparring session between the legends:

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