Parker and Chisora fight “terms agreed”

The moths-long negotiations for a fight between heavyweights Joseph Parker and Derek Chisora seem to be over.

According to the New Zealander’s manager David Higgins, the Chisora camp has officially send an offer, which they will accept. “It’s pretty close to being done,” the New Zealander’s manager exclusively told Sky Sports. “It’s been talked about for months and we finally received an offer yesterday which we will accept. The email we received is for October in London and we will take it. We haven’t been told if we’re the main event or not, only that Parker is the B-side despite being part of one of the biggest PPV’s in UK history and then having another huge fight against Dillian Whyte. It has been hard to get a deal done, Haye and Hearn talked a good game but they’ve simply left us waiting. We wanted the fight in April but we ran out of time, Joe wouldn’t have been able to have a proper training camp. We have tried to be polite behind the scenes but it’s been difficult. I do like Haye and Hearn, but they’re very wealthy British toffs, communication has been very poor on their part. For the AJ-Parker fight, Hearn was returning my calls straight away, but for this, I’ve been ignored for the most part.”

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