Patricio Freire: Other organizations treat fighters like they’re numbers

Patricio Freire understands that Bellator prioritized the fighters’ health and safety over their fight night earnings.

The current Bellator featherweight and lightweight champion was scheduled to face Pedro Carvalho on March 14, but the fight was postponed. Freire commends that.

“We were all ready,” Freire told MMA Junkie. “I got the news while I was doing my last training before the event. Every day of the fight, in the morning or early afternoon, I get together with my team, and we go over the strategy and the gameplan again. We have a little practice. Right then, someone from Bellator told us.”

“It’s a bit frustrating, but I believe Bellator did the right thing. The fighters and staff and everyone involved had their health put first. During these times that we’re going through, I think that was the best possibility.”

Freire has been a member of the Bellator roster since early 2010.

“It’s not the first time I’ve felt so embraced and happy to be with an organization such as Bellator,” Freire said. “We see some other organizations treat fighters like they’re numbers. With Bellator, it’s very different from that – whether it’s someone like me, a champion, or someone who’s getting their first fight in the organization.

“They treat everyone with a lot of respect and care. It’s pretty much an honor for me to be a part of an organization that works like this, who puts our safety and our health before their gains. Every time we’re there, they treat us like family.”

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