Paul vs Aksren: Ben Aksren releases training footage ahead of fight

With Ben Askren set to face Jake Paul in this weekend’s Triller main event, Askren releases some video footage from his training camp as he prepares for the bout. Check out the video above as Asken works on his boxing technique (if you can call it that) with his trainer before unloading some shots onto a heavybag with Paul’s face on it.

Now the biggest question I personally have here — particularly because I’m not really hip to Askren — is how ‘real’ this footage is or whether or not it’s just a trolling tactic. I mean, Askren looks pretty god awful here but this perhaps could be a deliberate ploy to throw Paul off and make him come into the ring overconfident. Or maybe this is just how bad Askren is at throwing punches.

There’s no question that Askren wasn’t really known for his striking ability in MMA and if he did have legitimately good boxing skills then Paul probably wouldn’t even be taking this fight in the first place. But you tell me fans, who do you like in this fight?

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