Petar Stoykov after SENSHI 5: I was ready to go the distance (VIDEO)

Bulgaria’s Petar Stoykov continued his winning streak at the SENSHI’fight nights, defeating Volodymyr Serheiev at SENSHI 5.

The Bulgarian got the W via second-round knockout, proving once again why he’s one of the most feared fighters among his peers.

Here’s what Stoykov had to say after his fight:

“To be honest, I was prepared to go the full three rounds, but when I noticed he’s starting to breathe heavily, that’s when I started going hard on him. Knees, elbows, everything. It was the right moment and the right timing for me to knock him out.

“Volodymyr’s moving was pretty good. He has a karate background just like me and he used his feet a lot. It wasn’t easy to figure him out”, Stoykov said about his opponent.

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