Petar Stoykov won the best KO prize at “SENSHI Cup” in Kamchiya

Petar Stoykov produced an incredible performance at “SENSHI Cup” in Kamchiya and, besides winning three straight fights in the men’s 70 kg contest, was proclaimed the best knockout fighter at the KWU International Professional League, full contact karate kyokushin.

The fighter, representing Sofia’s club “Armeec”, eliminated a competitor from Tajikistan and two Russian opponents. In his final last night he faced Suliman Kosumov from Russia, who is 8 years older then the 23-year-old Bulgarian. Regardless of that, Stoykov didn’t back down for a second to his opponent and won an impressive 3:0 UD victory.

The “KO” prize Stoykov received for his first win in the tournament, in which he won with a brutal elbow to the head of Suhrob Nazarov from Tajikistan.

Two more prizes were awarded – “Highest Fighting Spirit” and “Most Technical Fighter”. A fun fact – they both went to fighters in the same match up. One of the most intriguing fights in the second evening saw Artur Arushanyan from Armenia and Alisher Karmenov facing each other in the 65 kg semi-final. The both showed an extreme desire to win an, at first, the refs voted 2:1 in favor of the Armenian fighter. An additional round was later presented, due to the high competitiveness of both athletes. In it Karmenov turned things around and won the fight. The spectacular contest brought both fighters a reward – Karmenov won “Highest Fighting Spirit” and Arushanyan was awarded the “Most Technical Fighter” prize. In the 65 kg category final Victor Xavier from Brazil won the “SENSHI Cup” against Karmenov.

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