Petch: In Thailand we are concentrated on speed

Thailand’s Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao put on another masterful display on GLORY 67 in Orlando. The champion retained his title with a decision win over Anvar Boynazarov.

For 15 minutes “The Professor” controlled the pace of the fight using his signature left kick to keep himself out of danger.

“Before the fight we knew Anvar had heavy hands, but we trained for that really hard and you can see from the results,” Petch said in a post-fight interview.

He admitted that shaking off his Muay Thai base was difficult.

“Back in Thailand we concentrated on speed, we don’t clinch anymore. I work on my low kicks and mid-range kicks and mix it all up together.”

With the win in Orlando, Petchpanomrung extends his run to seven win.

So what’s next for the featherweight king?

“I’ll go back and keep training to become the best I can,” he said. “Whoever Glory puts in front of me next, I’m ready to go.”

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