Povetkin-Whyte 2 weigh-in results: Alexander Povetkin 103 kg, Dillian Whyte 112 kg.

Both fighters hit the scale today ahead of tomorrow heavyweight rematch between Alexander Povetkin and Dillian Whyte. Last time out Povetkin scored a sweet knockout of Whyte after having a rough beginning, but Whyte will be looking to change the end result this time around.

Whyte, 32, stepped onto the scale first and clearly took his training seriously for this chance at revenge, officially weighing-in at 247.2 lbs — five pounds lighter than for his first fight. Whyte obviously looked the part too, looking pretty physically strong all things considered.

By contrast Povetkin, 41, officially weighed-in at 228 14 lbs, several pounds heavier than he did for his last fight against Whyte. It should be noted that Povetkin had to deal with a hard bout with COVID in between these fights, so this could be an early indication that he’s not in best physical condition that he’s ever been in. We’ll see, though.

DAZN’s headlining fight between Povetkin and Whyte is being advertised for a 4:30pm ET start time for ring walks.

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