Power and efficency on focus in Day 5 of the KWU International Summer Camp

The upgrading of power and precision. That was the theme in the morning session on the fifth day of the ongoing KWU International Summer Camp that is taking place in Bulgaria.

The KWU International Professional League’s instructors – Semmy Schilt, Ernesto Hoost and Peter Aerts began the training with a good 10-minute warmup and stretching that broke the sweat in all the fighters. Netherland’s kickboxing royalties separated the group into three smaller ones, doing a lot of techniques drills in the beginning.

Semmy Schilt shared a lot of tips on proper positioning. “Hightower” demonstrated various ways of getting on the inside and outside and using your height and reach span at full capabilities.

Peter Aerts was showing some unorthodox combinations and not so frequently used strikes. “The Dutch Lumberjack” was speaking about the importance of effective sparring and maximizing the time spent with an opponent.

“It is important to be effective in sparring”, Aerts noted.

“You should be throwing punches that you normally throw in a fight. Try to emulate your ring movements and thought”, he added.

Meanwhile, Ernesto Hoost was also demonstrating a barrage of different combos. “Mr.Perfect,” told the sparring couples to switch often in order to keep the tempo high. Then he ordered the fighters that one should use only his boxing, while the other can do kickboxing.

In the end, the three legends merged the groups into one for some intense sparring.

The KWU International Professional League training are part of the 15-th International Summer Camp in Kamchia that is organized by the Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation. During the camp the ninth edition of the elite fight nights SENSHI will be held.

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Images: Studio Lesemann

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