Prelimi tickets for sambo days on European games sold out!

Fans bought all the tickets for the preliminary round of both days of the sambo tournament in the program of the II European Games.

As of the morning of June 5, there was not a single empty seat for sale in the morning part of the competition at the Minsk Sports Palace, whose official grandstand seats 3,311 spectators, reports “”.

There are still tickets for the final parts of both sambo days. In order not to miss the opportunity to see the “live” historical event, you need to hurry and pre-purchase tickets on the official website:

The sambo tournament in the program of the II European Games will be held in Minsk on 22-23 June. The competition will be attended by 144 strongest sambists of the continent, who will play 18 sets of awards (9 – among women and 9 – among men).

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