President of UWW: The delay of the Games will have a significant impact

The president of United World Wrestling (UWW) Nenad Lalovic has sent a message to all wrestlers. It comes after the news that Tokyo Summer Olympic Games will be postponed to no later than Summer 2021.

“This decision was made after accounting for the health of the athletes, those involved in the Olympic Games, and the international community at-large”, started Lalovic.

“The decision to delay will have a significant impact on our athletes and the remaining qualification process. Like other federations and stakeholders, we are waiting to receive more detailed guidelines from the IOC Sports Department concerning the qualification process and will provide an update as soon as possible.”

“I understand that this delay impacts your preparations, and there are many uncertainties at this moment, but I assure your health and safety remain our top priority.  As things change, I promise to keep you up to date.”

“In the coming weeks, the United World Wrestling executive board will meet via teleconference and – keeping the global situation in mind — make decisions to help determine the remaining UWW events for 2020”, stated Nenad Lalovic.

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