Rafael Formiga vs. Josh Hinger added to Fight to Win 170

A championship match has been announced for Fight to Win 170. Masters middleweight champion Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa will defend his title against Atos representative Josh Hinger. The event is scheduled for April 17 and will air live and exclusively on FloGrappling.


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Rafael Formiga is a longtime high-level competitor, earning a black belt world championship medal as early as 2005. He has been a prolific masters competitor and is a four-time masters world champion. He most recently competed at Fight to Win 163 when he successfully defended his title against Johnny Souza in a match he won by slam. Watch a highlight of that finish here.

Josh Hinger is also a very credentialed competitor, although his highest accomplishments have come in no-gi competition. He is a three-time no-gi world champion and won double gold at the 2020 masters worlds.

At Fight to Win 170, this match will join a previously-announced match-up between Jonnatas Gracie and Matheus Luna.

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