Roberto Jimenez wins Polaris 22 middleweight Grand Prix

Ecuador’s Roberto Jimenez won the Polaris 22 middleweight Gran Prix event which was held on November 5 in Southampton, England.

Jimenez defeated Shane Fishman, Hunter Colvin, and Jed Hue on his way to the middleweight title and pounds £20,000 in what was one of the best performances of his career.

Jimenez’s guard passing and trademark back-taking skills were on full display in each of his matches. The Studio 76 representative was able to secure a submission in his final two matches – first a triangle choke over Colvin and, in the final, an arm triangle on Hue.

Jimenez dominated much of the action in the final, passing the guard and taking Hue’s back to earn a 5-2 lead before he landed the match-ending submission.


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