Roy Baker: We must continue to focus our efforts on a doping free sport

WAKO World Championships are doping-free sporting environment, states Mr. Roy Baker, WAKO President.

“We must continue to fight and focus our efforts on a doping free sport, we must eradicate strongly all use of prohibited substances and this is why International-Level Athletes Education Program is MANDATORY test”, says Baker.

All participants of the 2021 World Championships must have completed and certified in the WADA at:…/international-level…

“WAKO focus on our Athletes on enabling and allowing them to shine at the highest level our sport has to offer, to inspire future generations of kickboxers across a diverse, respectful and inclusive sport that continues to grow.”

“I look forward to meeting our WAKO family in Italy in a safe, controlled and well managed event. See you soon”, states Roy Baker.

History of Karate

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