Russian UFC heavyweight banned for live for anti-doping violation

UFC has parted ways with the Russian heavyweight Ruslan Magomedov (14-1) after the 32-year-old was handed a lifetime ban by the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

“Leopard” fought three times under the UFC banner since he joined the company back in 2014. His record in the UFC is 3-0, defeating Viktor Pesta in his debut, Josh Copeland and Shawn Jordan in 2015.

The fighter is getting the rough treatment because that’s his third violation of the anti-doping rules with USADA. The first time Magomedov tested positive for a banned substance was in 2016 and he was suspended for 2 years. Last October the Russian tested positive for metabolites of an anabolic steroid and the third strike was this February when he refused to submit an out-of-competition sample to a doping control officer.

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