Ryan Garcia: “Any weight, any time” for Gervonta Davis, says he’ll fight Floyd Mayweather, too

The ongoing Ryan Garcia vs Gervonta Davis saga continues, with Garcia now saying that he will fight Davis at “any weight.”

“It’s any weight, any time, any place,” Garcia said on social media. “There’s your answer Floyd — oh yeah, you can get it, too, if you want.”

“Calling out” the 45-year-old Mayweather, who hasn’t had a competitive fight since 2017 if you count Conor McGregor, 2015 if you don’t, is good headline stuff, but empty. Mayweather might do a legitimate, sanctioned fight again — the rumored McGregor rematch would probably be it — but it almost certainly wouldn’t be with Garcia.

The thing to key in on is the “any weight, any time” part in regards to Davis, because that goes against Garcia’s statement last Saturday that he would not fight under 140 lbs anymore, including for the Davis fight that he is demanding. Mayweather already made it clear that Davis is not going to fight Garcia at 140, and that put the ball back in Ryan’s court.
To Ryan’s credit, if he accepts that a Tank fight comes at 135, he’s holding up his end. From there, it goes to the next roadblock to try and get around, and there are several.

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