Ryan Garcia wants out of Golden Boy Promotions

One of the most promising stars in pro boxing Ryan Garcia (18-0) has made his intentions clear.

The 21-year-old wants Oscar de la Hoya to release him from the contract he has with him. The main reason the youngster wants out is that Oscar and his company doesn’t have faith in him and his future.

De la Hoya was interviewed this Monday and he said there will be an emergency meeting with Garcia in order to clear things out.

Ryan has been vocal on social media about the way things are happening in “Golden Boy Promotions”.  According to Garcia, a lot of things that should have stayed private are being thrown out for public consumption and apparently, that’s not “Flash” way.

The Mexican-American was scheduled to fight this past Saturday, but the bout fell off because his opponent Avery Sparrow was arrested and Golden Boy couldn’t fight replacement for Garcia.

Another big reason for the rift between Garcia and his promoter could be the fact that just some weeks ago De la Hoya stated that Garcia isn’t his best prospect.

“Is he my best young fighter? No. Maybe next to Vergil Ortiz,” said De La Hoya to the LA Times about Ryan Garcia.

“Vergil Ortiz is the real deal. Ryan is in a very unique situation because of his social media following. The fact that he has so many followers is great, but it hasn’t transcended over to boxing. It just hasn’t. That’s the bottom line. So how do we do that? He has to win a world title. And who knows how to get him there? I do,” said Oscar.

There’s no doubt that De la Hoya should approach this situation carefully because if he decides to release Garcia Bob Arum and Eddie hearn will have him by the end of the day.

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