Sadulaev with fifth European podium in a row

Abdulrashid Sadulaev improved his senior continental record to an unblemished 22-0, winning his fifth European title.

The Russian proved once again that he is the king at 97 kg in the freestyle.

“It’s my fifth European championship gold, but I hope it’s not the last. There are six-time champions like Bouvaisar Saitiev (Russia) and seven-time champions like Aleksander Medved (Russia). Alexandre Karelin (Russia) is a 12-time European champ, but I might not be able to achieve as much as he did.” said Sadualev.

In the final Sadualev defeated Albert Saritov (ROU), 6-0, in what was a battle of Rio Olympic medalists. The Russian won gold in Rio and Saritov finished with a bronze medal.

“It was not that easy to win. The draw wasn’t good for me. Starting from the first match I had serious opponents. I am pleased with the result, but not really pleased with the way I wrestled,” said Sadulaev.

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