Sam Greco: SENSHI will be the next K-1

The fourth day of the ongoing SENSHI Summer training camp that is taking place in Bulgaria offered a lot of positive emotions among the participants.

Once again, fighters and coaches gave all they got in the two training sessions which were held on Thursday.

Australia’s legend in kickboxing Sam Greco laid stress on small details, encouraging his students to analyze their mistakes and overcome them. After the end of the afternoon session, Greco gathered his fighters around them and spread some serious knowledge and powerful pieces of advice.

“This right here is something special you got going on”, Greco said in regards to the SENSHI Summer Training camp.

“Tell me which other organization in the world is doing seminars like this one with so many legends in it?

“But it’s up to you to make the best of it. You are SENSHI, you are the future. SENSHI will be the next K-1, but that depends on you. You must work hard in order for that to happen. This here is really something.

“Never stop doing what you love and capture the opportunities in front of you”, the Australian added.

The first session of the day kicked off with quick 10 burpees for everybody due to the fact that Nicholas Pettas was not pleased with a small group of fighters that were late by a minute. Rightfully so, everybody paid the price.

That set the tone for what was in store for the fighters on Thursday. The participants were once again divided into several groups so everybody can take turns learning from various legends.

Less than 10 minutes in and there were already small sweat puddles on the floor and red, but determined and persistent faces.

Three-time K-1 heavyweight champion Peter Aerts emphasized the clinch work and the power shots combo. “The Dutch Lumberjack” demonstrated subtleties in the correct posture of the fighters and proper movement in the ring.

The four-time K-1 heavyweight king Semmy Schilt gave priority to the importance of being able to fight on your back foot. “Hightower” gave tips to all the fighting pairs around him, correcting them and pointing out their flaws.

The other four-time K-1 heavyweight champion in the building Ernesto Hoost went hard as usual and exhausted his students. “Mr. Perfect” wanted to see good sparrings and proper and smart fighting and that’s exactly what he got.

Former K-1 MAX and SUPERKOMBAT ruler Albert Kraus was once again working with the lightweight participants. “Hurricane” was in a great mood and it was contagious! Still, the Dutch icon was strict and even though there were a lot of smiles and joy, the hard work was on top of everything.

“Always do more. You won’t reach your goals in combat sports if you don’t overcome your limits”, Kraus said while observing the sparrings in front and around him.

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