Samokov will host 2020 Multi European Taekwondo Championships

Samokov, Bulgaria, has been named as the new host of the 2020 Multi European Taekwondo Championships.

The event will take place on June 4-7.

“The Organising Committee of the Multi European Taekwondo Championships has proceeded to change the host city of the Multi European Taekwondo Championships in order to serve better the incoming competitors and teams,” a World Taekwondo Europe statement said.

“Further details along with the competition outline will be announced promptly.”

The event is the only European taekwondo competition to bring together all disciplines, age categories and divisions.

This means senior fighters compete at the same event as various age-group athletes. Poomsae and Para-taekwondo are also part of the competition.

Bulgaria has already hosted both editions of the event which have been held so far. The inaugural Championships took place in Plovdiv in 2018 before Sofia hosted last year.


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