Sandra Sanchez, The World Games Athlete of the Month

The World Games have elected Sandra Sanchez of Spain as the Athlete of May 2021. The organization recognizes the Spanish Karate Star for her outstanding performances and her success at the European Championships.

Spain’s Sandra Sanchez claimed her sixth consecutive European crown a couple of weeks ago when she prevailed at the 2021 European Championships in Porec (Croatia). Sanchez, who is the current continental and World titleholder confirmed last week her qualification to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 as the leader of the Olympic standings.

One of the most awarded competitors of all times, the Spanish karateka holds both World and European crowns, is the defending Grand Winner of the category, and tops the World ranking and the Olympic standings. She is a Guinness World Records holder for most medals won at the Karate 1 Premier League and has claimed medals in all the international events since 2014, garnering a record-breaking run of success on the tatami.

After her successful performance at the European Championships in Porec, where the Spanish Kata ace defeated Dilara Bozan of Turkey in the final, The World Games has recognised Sanchez with the award of Athlete of May 2021.

“I am so happy and thrilled! The World Games are outstanding events that gather wonderful disciplines and fantastic athletes. To receive an award like this one is recognition for Karate. With two months to go to the Olympic Games, we are going to show the world how great our sport is!” said Sandra Sanchez.


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