Santo Domingo hosts The Pan American SAMBO Championships

The Pan American SAMBO Championships will be held in Santo Domingo (Dominican city) on June 28-30.

The FIAS Executive Director Sergei Tabakov stated that there are still a lot of work.

“I want to specifically mention an expert team that works in the Dominican SAMBO Federation. There is a division of duties in the team, and each person is aware of their functions and tries to fulfill them as accurately as possible. This is a very important precondition for holding major international tournaments which signals that the Pan American Championships would be held by high standards”, remarked the FIAS Executive Director.

“I am really impressed by the professionalism and astute business approach of the NOC head. He was prepared for the meeting in advance, knew very well what SAMBO was. He asked specific questions, and then immediately made decisions and gave instructions to his subordinates as soon as the answers were provided. We were able to discuss a wide range of important topics regarding the promotion of SAMBO in the country, we witnessed genuine interest in facilitating the expansion of our favorite sport, and together were able to determine the course of development for the near future”, claimed Sergei Tabakov.

Source: FIAS official website.

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