Scottish Muay Thai fighter dies attempting to cut weight for fight

Scottish Muay Thai fighter died in Thailand attempting to cut weight for fight.

Jordan Coe, 20, from Scotland has passed out of a suspected heatstroke while trying to make the weight for a bout in Thailand.

Coe died when he went out in a heavy tracksuit while attempting to shed 3kg to make the 61kg weight limit for a bout on Sunday in Bangkok, reports

Craig Floan, his coach at Glasgow Thai Boxing Academy was told about his death in a phone call on Sunday.

“Jordan was found this morning, he died in Thailand and the embassy there think he died from heatstroke,” he said, reported.

“He moved to Thailand to chase his dream of becoming a professional after being with me for three-and-a-half years.”

“We‘ve set up a fundraiser for him and I‘m now trying to help raise enough money to bring him home.”

Tributes poured in for the young boxer on social media.

“The Sutai family are truly devastated by the loss of one of our family members today. Jordon Coe was a kind, fun loving young man that inspired many in the world of Muay Thai with his unbelievable talent and passion.”

“Many of us at Sutai Muay Thai were lucky enough to share his journey with him from the beginning of his Muay Thai career and he will always be in our hearts. We love you brother, may you rest in peace.”

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