Sensei Evgeniy Vekshin wins his K-1 debut (VIDEO)

On 1st of March in Ekaterinburg the 20-years anniversary fight tournament took place in Ekaterinburg. Sensei Evgeniy Vekshin debuted in K-1 rules with a TKO win.

Sensei Vekshin received a short-notice offer to fight in K-1 rules and he accepted it without thinking twice with the words: I`m Ready!

His opponent was a kickboxing champion from Sverdlov area and Savate Russian Champion Stepan Novikov.

In the second round Sensei Evgeniy used a high-kick to knockdown his opponent. His opponent survived and after a hard third round the judges decided there should be extra 3 minutes.

In less than a minute in the additional fourth round sensei Vekshin sent his opponent on his knees and the referee had no other option but to end the fight.

Watch the full fight here:

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