Sensei Salomatin Viktorovich needs your help!

Sensei Salomatin Andrey Viktorovich has been diagnosed with cancer (melanoma) since 2017. After battling with this enemy alone for years, now the Sensei needs your help!

Currently due to a severe exacerbation, to save life and stop the progression of the disease, modern expensive medicines are highly needed. The fellow martial arts practitioner will be extremely grateful if you stand by him in this journey to beating cancer. KWU urges you to help with whatever you can:

Currency of the received transfer: Rubles (RUB) Recipient: SALOMATIN ANDREY VICTOROVICH Account number: 40817810938051311618 Bank of the recipient: PAO SBERBANK BIC: 044525225 Correspondent account: 30101810400000000225 INN: 7707083893 KPP (Tax Registration Reason Code): 773643001 SWIFT-code: SABRRUMM Card number: 5484 3800 1395 2346

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