SENSHI brings you another masterclass with Semmy Schilt

The elite fighting organization SENSHI gives you the chance to participate in another masterclass held by the kickboxing legend Semmy Schilt.

The first online session with the dutch giant took place last saturday (11th of April). This SENSHI campaign brought a lot of interest and good responses. Many people wanted another masterclass and the response to that was quick: this saturday (18-th of April) at 18:00 (bulgarian time), 17:00 (dutch time) the second masterclas will take place.

Here`s how you can join the masterclass with Semmy Schilt:


You have to register via e-mail through the StarLeaf app. You will receive a mail back with date and time for the training session, so you can join through the link 30 minutes before the practice.

IMPORTANT: Just like the first time, only the first 100 registered can join the class and learn from Semmy Schilt!

The campaign by SENSHI and the 4x K-1 Grand Prix Champion is under the banner #ResponsibleAtHome and #FGAUnited and encourages training at home.

Semmy Schilt is one of the most successfull kickboxers in K-1, ashihara karateka and MMA fighter. He is a 4x K-1 Champion and 3-x heavyweight champion in a row. He has participated in PRIDE and UFC.The legendary fighter is an instructor in the International Professional League of KWU and referee at SENSHI

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