SENSHI Summer training camp Day 2: The sun is no match for these fighters

The high temperatures and the summer heat on the Bulgarian seaside were not a match for the desire and the hard work ethic of the participants in the SENSHI Summer training camp which is taking place in Kamchia.

The second day of the massive international event once again produced two sessions – one in the morning and a second one in the afternoon.

The fighters were divided into several groups, as one part of the participants went outside under the hot sun with Nicholas Pettas and Albert Kraus, while the other ones stayed inside to work under the guidance of Ernesto Hoost, Sam Greco and Peter Aerts.

“The Blue-Eyed Samurai” and “The Hurricane” took advantage of the fact that there were a dozen of heavy bags on the football field and after a short warm-up, the fighters went on to the punching bags for some combos in order to get ready for what was coming.

Kraus and Pettas were not impressed with the heat and sweated out the fighters around them, which overcame every single task ahead of them with a smile on their face. The two instructors broke down vividly and understandable all the chores they were giving out. They emphasized the importance of managing the distance and the perfect execution of the strikes.

The intensive training session inside was as competitive as it gets with Peter Aerts, Sam Greco and Ernesto Hoost preaching knowledge all around them.

“Mr. Perfect” was non-stop pushing the tempo of the drills, watching and observing all the fighting couples, and giving out directions and tips, some of which were in Bulgarian.


During the morning session, Sam Greco was describing different tactics and techniques for creating angles and dictating the fight with your feet, while the afternoon session was dedicated to unorthodox strikes and switching stances.

Peter Aerts was demonstrating some serious skills and knowledge on the inside fight, as he didn’t forget to show and tell effective and useful combinations.

“Move, move, move. You should always be moving when you’re inside the ring. Kepp them guessing your next moves and fight freely”, Arts encouraged the participants.

SENSHI Summer Training camp continues throughout the whole week with the upcoming SENSHI 12 fight night being the grand finale of the event.

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