SENSHI’s trophy impressed Japan (PHOTO)

The SENSHI 4 Championship Cup has become a sensation in Japan.

The prize was taken to the Land of the Rising Sun by Utah Uchida, who impressed at the latest edition of SENSHI in Varna, Bulgaria.

The 3x Japan Kyokushin champion also represented Peter Aert’s academy in the best way possible. He beat Andrii Kasianchuk with unanimous decision in an attractive match with KWU International Professional League rules.

The Japanese fighter returned home shortly before New Year’s Eve. Then he continued on his way to another tournament. On his return, Uchida presented the trophy and the gloves he had won in Bulgaria. Their size impressed his local club. Utah then showed them on social media.


Публикувахте от Yuta Japan Club в Вторник, 10 декември 2019 г.

“This is Uchida, who returned briefly to Japan for a tournament. We took a great photo with the majestic trophy and gloves he used for his match in Bulgaria. What a size only! The next step is the championship belt! Thank you for your support!”

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