Serbia will miss the Greco-Roman World Cup

Serbia won’t be taking part in the upcoming Greco-Roman World Cup that is taking place on this weekend (November 5-6) in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The reason of the withdrew of the Serbian wrestlers is COVID-19 infections in the team. In this case, Azerbaijan and the All-World team will receive automatic wins and the winner of the Azerbaijan-All-Star clash will wrestle in the final.

As the teams arrive from Baku for the Greco-Roman World Cup after a gap of three years, a new dimension will see the tournament include the All-World team comprising four silver and three bronze medalists from the Belgrade World Championships.

Not only this team will be the favorite to win the top spot at the World Cup, but it also offers match-ups that fans miss out on during other tournaments.

Group B has Turkey, Iran and Kyrgyzstan and will see a tough battle for the top spot in the group. The second-placed teams from each group will wrestle for the third place on the podium.


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