Sergej Braun stops Alexander Menkovic at SENSHI 7

Germany’s Sergej Braun has once again demonstrated his outstanding class at the SENSHI 7 event last night in Sofa.

The two-time world kickboxing champion among professionals KO’d Serbia’s Aleksander Menkovic in the main event of the evening and captured the WAKO PRO World title (K-1) in the 81.4 kg category.

The German KO machine finished the job inside three rounds and his SENSHI record is now 3-0.

The 24-year-old Menkovic was the more aggressive fighter in the beginning, landing a powerful front kick to the body followed by a low kick. The Serbian fighter had the reach and height advantage and he was getting away with some mistakes thanks to that.

The second round started a little better for Braun who managed to get on the inside a couple of times and landed some nasty body kicks. The pace of the bout was top notch and the exchanges were non-stop.

Braun was by far the more aggressive fighter in the third round, as he kicked off things with a spinning back kick into the body of Menkovic. That was the beginning of the end for the Balkan kickboxer who seemed to lose his cool. The Serbian went into attack mode and landed a right hook, but Braun countered him with a beautiful left hook of his own that put Menkovic on his back.

Shortly after that, there was a second knockdown after a nice uppercut to the head by Braun, but somehow Menkovic beat the count. Seconds after that, the referee waved off the bout after Braun delivered a great high kick to the head of his adversary who got dropped for the third time.

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