Sergey Kovalev fails drug test for synthetic testosterone

Sergey Kovalev’s proclivity for self-destruction truly knows no bounds. Dan Rafael reports that “The Krusher” has tested positive for synthetic testosterone ahead of his Jan. 30 DAZN main event against Bektemir Melikuziev.

DAZN has yet to comment on the fight’s status; Melikuziev (6-0, 5 KO), for his part, still wants a piece of the former champ.

Kovalev (34-4-1, 29 KO), once the king of the light heavyweight division and one of the most feared men in the entire sport, has spent the last couple years in a truly awe-inspiring downward spiral. Since falling to Andre Ward by controversial decision in their first meeting and brutal TKO in their second, he’s suffered one self-inflicted wound after another, from pleading guilty to punching a woman who rebuffed his advances and kicking her dog to getting arrested for DUI to getting kicked off a plane for sexual harassment, to getting in hot water with DAZN for hosting an illegal Canelo-Smith stream.

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