Shawn Porter: I’m still worried about Errol Spence

Shawn Porter says he’s beginning to worry about the health status of IBF and WBC welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr.

Spence hasn’t been seen on video since he got out of the hospital in Dallas following his vehicle accident on October 10, reports Boxing News 24.

The fact that Spence isn’t showing himself to the public. It’s a cause for concern that Errol may be dealing with injuries that will keep him out of the ring.

“He’s a beast, that’s what I heard,” said Porter to Behind The Gloves in reacting to Spence’s car crash. “Honestly, I’m still worried. I haven’t seen a video, and I haven’t seen him, I haven’t seen his family or anything like that. At the end of the day, when you do start to add everything up, and you haven’t seen. We’re going to speculate, and we’re going to wonder and question, you know? We’re going to question the physics and the science of it all.”

Image: БТА

“You can shoot a windshield, and it won’t completely shatter. A head going through a windshield to me is really bizarre. There’s no way he went foot-first through the windshield at the rate of speed we were told that he was going. I’m just worried until I hear from him, and until I hear from the family, video, picture or anything like that. I’m going to stay worried.”

“I actually sent a text message yesterday, saying, “Hey, have you heard any news on Errol?” – The most I heard is he’s at home, which is good, but I’m still very, very worried about him,” said Porter.

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