Teddy Atlas: Joshua will stop Ruiz late

Boxing trainer and expert Teddy Atlas believes that Anthony Joshua is going to get redemption in beating Andy Ruiz Jr in their rematch this Saturday night.

“He knows people saw him behave bad, and he wants to behave good now,” said Teddy Atlas to THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas. “He wants to behave better now like a fighter. He’s going to go in there, and act like a fighter. I’m going with Joshua on redemption.”

Image: БТА

He expects Joshua to take Ruiz into the late rounds, and knock him out.

“It ends with Joshua dropping Ruiz, putting him on the floor again, but Ruiz battles back and it gets into the late rounds, and Joshua stops him late,” said Atlas.

Was it luck or just a night-off? Or maybe the current heavyweight king is truly the best boxer in the division. Soon we’ll have some answers.

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