Teodora Kirilova: SENSHI gathers only class fighters from all over the world

The 2019 World and European muay thai champion Teodora Kirilova marked the success of the professional fight promotion SENSHI. The world champion in K-1 for professionals gave interview for truestory.bg.

Teodora made history last October, when she won the first women match up at SENSHI.

Teodora, in October 2019, you proved your qualities once again winning the first women’s K-1 kickboxing match in the SENSHI up to 55kg category. Tell us more about this organisation?  

– SENSHI is the most prestigious Bulgarian fight promotion and it was an honour for me to compete and be able to present to the viewers what women in this sport are capable of doing. The organisation is amazing, gathers only class fighters from all over the world.

What is important for you in a battle?

– Generally, the very important components of a battle that build over time and experience are a lot, but for me the most important thing is to be calm and focused before the game.

In addition to muay thai, you also are very successful in kickboxing. In which of the two disciplines do you feel more confident and free?

– Definitely in muay thai I feel more confident, but an exception is the professional K-1 style.

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