The great masters: Hiroshi Tada Shihan (Part 3)

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After his son born, Master Tada has lived in Tokyo, although his commitments with aikido take him every year, to Italy and Europe. In 1976, following the meeting with Reverend Shoken Murao in charge of Tokyo’s Gessoji Zen Temple, he founded aikidō Gessoji Dōjō inside the temple, while continuing teaching at the Hombu Dōjō and at the dōjō of his native district, the Jiyugaoka.

In January 1994 he was awarded the Budō Korosho (recognition of merit for the activities carried out in the field of martial arts) and received the appointment at 9th dan from the second Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba.

On August 3, 1996, his wife, Ms. Kumi Yamakawa died . Famous violinist and refined poet, Ms. Tada has followed with great dedication the growth of countless young musicians and aikido practitioners, whom she loves so much. Reacting to the serious loss, Master Tada stated the desire to concentrate his energies in the development and diffusion of the practice of Aikidō both in Japan and in Europe.

Currently M ° Hiroshi Tada is 9th Dan of Aikidō, he is Didactic Director of the Association of Traditional Japanese Culture – Aikikai of Italy, member of the Superior Council of the International Federation of Aikidō

Insights into the life of HIROSHI TADA

The first time the master heard of Ueshiba Morihei sensei was when he was around 7-8 years old. One evening, while dining, the father told him what he had heard from an old friend of his, Mr. Yano Ichiro (former President of the insurance company Dai-ichi Seilmei). Mr. Yano possessed a high dan kendō degree and had been President of the Japanese National Federation of Kendō Business Clubs. He said: “The aikijutsu master, Ueshiba, is the greatest budō expert today. “How budōka does not fear comparisons with anyone”, and he then illustrated the details of the lesson of the master Ueshiba in which he had participated.

Archery style called Heki ryu Chikurin ha Banpa has been handed down for a long time in the Tada family. The father had learned this art from his great grandfather since he was a child and continued to train constantly thereafter; for this reason he often found himself discussing martial arts with Mr. Yano and had started to have a great interest in aikijutsu. Even then even though he was only a child, the teacher Tada thought that he would like to meet such an important person and become his pupil, but unfortunately he was unable to fulfill this desire, due to an ill-fated series of events such as his father’s call to arms , the outbreak of war and the disappearance of the mother.

To be continued…

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