The great masters: Katsuaki Asai Sensei (Part 3)

This conflictual situation leads to the existence of two Aikido organizations in the country. On the one hand the Aikido section of the Deutscher Judo Bund (DJB) under the direction of Gerd WISCHNEWSKI (German student promoted to 2nd dan by Morihei UESHIBA in 1966) and the Aikikai of Germany directed by Katsuaki ASAI.

In the same time ASAI teaches Aikido at the police academy as well as at the University of Münster where he studies the language of Goethe in the course for foreigners.

Every weekend he runs courses in the country and repeatedly invites Japanese masters living in Europe to teach German beginners. Thus Hiroshi TADA (Italy) did his first internships in Munster in 1966 then in 1969 and Masamichi NORO (France) in 1970.

Master ASAI, meanwhile, follows his two Aikikai friends across Europe (France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands …) and actively participates in the development of the art founded by Master UESHIBA.

The year 1968 marks the end of the three years initially planned. ASAI Sensei returns to Japan with encouraging results and a group of diligent practitioners.

He stayed six weeks in his native country and asked Master UESHIBA for permission to return to Germany in order to continue the development of Aikido.

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