The great masters: Masatake Fujita (Part 1)

Masatake Fujita (藤田昌武) was born in Japanese occupied Manchuria in 1937. Returning to Japan after the war, he enrolled as a student at Aikikai Hombu Dojo – some of that story is told in the first section of the interview below.

Fujita sensei is famous for his powerful techniques. Here is what he said about the secret of those techniques when asked in Kuala Lumpur:
Of course there is a secret, but everyone is different.

Even if I tell you what it is you may not be like me. It’s hard to talk about it. You have to experience it yourself. To watch someone do it and to do it yourself are 2 separate things.

For eg., what you see through the lens of a camera may not be the same as what you see with the naked eye. You can’t learn just by copying someone else.

You may be able to copy a technique but you may not grasp the essence of the technique.

Source: Facebook/Aikido

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